Halfway to My First Weight Goal

I’ve lost 21 lbs, and I’m continuing towards my overall first weight loss goal of just over 40 lbs. Things are going good, I am super motivated to continue this work for a long time. I will reach my first goal of 220 lbs. and then I’ll determine what’s next. I once asked my doctor how much should I weigh, and she was hesitant to throw out a number. She did say that I needed to drop the extra weight, I asked her if 220 would be an ideal stopping point, and she had indicated that would be a good place to start, and see where we needed to go from there.

Looking at a Body Mass Index (BMI) chart is downright depressing. For a guy that’s 5′ 11″ to be borderline overweight/normal, right on the upper end of “normal” I’m supposed to weigh 175 lbs. I don’t really see myself every being that low, but maybe it’s possible? At 220 lbs. I just about cross into the overweight category. So my plan is to get to 220, and re-evaluate where I’m at with things. That would be an overall drop of almost 50lbs. from my worst “high” weight, that’s what I’m shooting for right now.

If you’re curious about “what you’re supposed to weigh”, check out the BMI chart below. Find you height on top, and then line that up with your weight from the left side. Red is bad, green is good, if it’s white, then apparently you’re underweight.


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