Losing 10 lbs. seems harder than the first 50

I haven’t lost my desire, nor will power to lose 10 more pounds, but it feels so much harder right now. I’m motivated, but not charged. I’m only in the gym like 2-3 times a week, I really need to amp that back up to 4 – 5 times. I’m about even from my goal, sitting steady at that 220 mark. I really want to get down to 210.

I think I need to challenge myself more…. I think I need to establish a new goal. I need to find a run to train for, and keep running. I’ve only been running once a week, I think capturing these ideas from my brain here are going to help me.

I find myself making excuses, or allowing things that I wasn’t previously allowing to distract me. I’ve been crazy busy at work. Excuse. I’ve had lots of things going on in my personal life. Excuse. I’m starting to see that I need to re-focus my energy.

I know I’m capable of getting to my next goal, I just need to reset my expectations and realize that this one is going to be harder than my first one. It sounds crazy, but I already know that is how it’s going to go. I need to establish a bigger goal (aside from losing the 10 lbs.) and allow that goal to push me into my smaller goal. I think running a 5K or maybe a 10K is where I need to go. I think the Shamrock run is approaching, maybe I need to register for that, and set a goal to finish in a certain amount of time.



3 thoughts on “Losing 10 lbs. seems harder than the first 50

  1. Fine work so far, sir.
    For me, I took a bit of a break – ate to maintain for a few weeks (no pig outs but less rigid diet), then attacked it with new vigor … signing up for a run helped enormously too.
    Good luck!

  2. Try mixing up your workout a bit! I find that helps when I am in the plateau stage! Mine lasted 4 months and no change! But, once I started added more running and different cardio, things started to change for me. =]

  3. Signing up for a race (5K) did wonders to my running schedule. It’s even better if you sign up together with someone you know – it might be a lot of hassle to arrange to train together, but just knowing that you have the same target as your colleague can be motivating.

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